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Terraspect is based in Western Australia and provides geophysical consulting to the global energy, mining, civil and geotechnical engineering sectors. Terraspect is able to provide skilled personnel to deliver time and cost effective solutions in a range of areas including:
  • Geophysical consulting
  • Outsourced geophysical processing and interpretation
  • Geophysical survey design
  • Geophysical Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Data quality checking
  • Client Representation

With a focus on seismic data and its integration with other techniques, Terraspect regularly produces useful, integrated datasets and interpretations.

Software packages

GLOBE Claritas

We use some of the latest software packages including GLOBE Claritas for seismic data processing.

Internal Software

Using a variety of other commercial packages, proprietary internal software and algorithms we deliver excellent results.


Terraspect uses Tomoplus for refraction statics solutions and near surface seismic processing.